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Shimbashi Thai Massage Antre Amora
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Shimbashi Thai Massage Antre Amora
Extend joints and muscles with stretch
Foot,waist ,shoulder, muscle fatigue is also refreshing!
Stress relief, feeling refreshed!
What is Thai massage?
It is a traditional medicine that has been traditionally transmitted to Thailand, a relaxing massage that slowly and carefully takes place. By stimulating with your fingers, elbows, knees, and soles, you can activate your body and enhance the natural healing power.
What is the effect of Thai massage?
The effect of Thai massage not only relaxes stiffness but also relieves fatigue, it also includes 60 kinds such as high blood pressure, cold, constipation, menstrual irregularity, asthma. In addition, it is said that modern people are exposed to many stress every day, affecting the onset of lifestyle diseases, and lowering immunity.
It is said that stress is often caused by asthenopia, bad breath, stomatitis, bronchial asthma, chronic hepatitis, stiff shoulder stiffness, back pain, neurogenic dermatitis, chronic urticaria, tinnitus, dizziness, migraine and menopausal disorder I will.Because Thai massage is done slowly according to your mind, it is good for mental stability and also fulfills the role of stress relaxation. For this reason, in recent years, Thai ancient massage has become available as an alternative therapy for diseases at university hospitals and so on.
The story that Thai massage seems pain is a misunderstanding!
Thai massage will extend muscles and indirects that you will not normally use. There is little treatment that gives irritating stimulation. It is a stretch that seems to be painful, but it will be done slowly and slowly. If the body is stiff and stretch is painful, it is done while adjusting.
Heals tiredness by pushing a point
Improve lymph flow
Promote metabolism
Oil Massage
Oil massage will supply oxygen to the skin cells, promote skin respiration, and promote normal metabolism by using the oil component and lymphatic drainage massage technique. As you can moisturize and moisturize the skin moisturizing, you can make it soft and lively skin, so we recommend you who are concerned about keratin and dry skin.
Lymphatic drainage is a technique to activate the flow of lymph fluid and collect and discharge unnecessary foreign matter and waste matter for human body. Lymph fluid is carried by gentle active flow by pulsating lymphatic vessels and passive flow caused by intermittent pressure of blood vessels, respiratory movement, muscle movement, and the like. Such lymph is liable to be affected by fatigue, cold, stress, etc., and flow tends to be stagnant. It is a method of lymphatic drainage that uses a fingertip of both hands to massage gently so that the pump sucks up water and encourage a smooth flow.
Shimbashi Thai Massage Antre Amora
Shimbashi Thai Massage Antre Amora
Shimbashi Thai Massage Antre Amora
Shimbashi Thai Massage Antre Amora
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Shimbashi Thai Massage Antre Amora
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Thai Massage Shimbashi "Antre Amora"
1-18-13 Shinbasi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Tomita Building 5F
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Shimbashi Thai Massage Antre Amora
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Shimbashi Thai Massage Antre Amora